Initially it was difficult to find the right place and after searching for a month Address73 was the answer to my worries. I recommend all fellow foreigners to live here as the property has world class facilities and offers a secure environment.

- Mr. Alex, South Korea

Modern, luxurious & comfortable would be the perfect way to sum up Address73. I could not have found a better property to reside in Lahore.

- Mrs. Ammy Jones, United States of America

From the very beginning, I have been a fan of how professional the management at Address73 is. No matter the time of the day, my queries were not only answered immediately but the team would go above and beyond to ensure that I have an excellent experience. The facility is spacious, well-maintained and above all I find it to be extremely secure.

- Mr. Ronnie, United States of America

While searching for residinetial properties in Lahore, we came across Address73 and decided to visit the property. From the security guards at the gates to the front desk officials, everyone was refreshingly pleasant and helpful. We found the property to be as good if not better than the pictures. Fantastic location and right in the city center. We have already recommended Address73 to our friends.

- Mr. & Mrs. Uzair, Turkey
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